I am a Gamecock

If someone was to ask me to define myself in five words I’d give them varying slices of awesome, depending on the day. But there is one word that will always be a constant in a life of variables:


And damn proud of it too.

Yeah, I get that some of my friends may think it’s a little psycho to play the fight song, Hootie, and Sandstorm all day Friday at work during football season. And yeah, maybe it’s a bit nuts that I follow every detail of fall practice. And yeah, maybe it was a little cray cray to cash in 65k hard earned frequent flyer miles to fly to Omaha from Los Angeles for one day, just on a hope and a prayer that we’d finally win a national championship.

If I’m crazy, I’m in good company.

Carolina is special to me. It’s where my grandparents went, where my parents met. My brother and I followed in their footsteps. It’s where I tripped over bricks on the Horseshoe, where chicken finger Wednesday is a rite of passage, and where i learned how to drink bourbon. It’s where I’ve met some of my very best friends for life. And I gotta say most of them are as crazy, if not more, than I am about the University. It’s a place that holds tight to your blood. It’s home.

So if you see me in the next two weeks and I look like some sort of meth addict tweaking out, don’t worry. I’m probably counting down the minutes to hanging with the LA alumni group (you’re the best, President Mal) and watching the Cocks kick off the 2011 season.

Here’s a health, Carolina. Forever to thee.

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One thought on “I am a Gamecock

  1. BB says:

    Great post. You said it all. Raise that glass of bourbon. Let’s toast.

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